Prenatal Massage


Prenatal Massage

Getting a massage while pregnant does not inherently make it a prenatal massage. In fact, before scheduling a prenatal massage, Inner Rhythms highly recommends consulting with your doctor or midwife to ensure you can receive this type of massage safely.

Our prenatal massage uses different techniques than a traditional therapeutic massage. Specifically, we modify our traditional massage to accommodate the anatomical changes a mother undergoes during pregnancy. The purpose of these modifications is to avoid harm in any way to the mother or the baby. Some of the modifications we utilize include:

From the time of conception, a woman’s body responds differently; every organ system is affected, and each trimester brings a unique experience. A mother will undergo a wide range of physiological, musculoskeletal, and emotional changes during pregnancy. By 40 weeks, the womb expands significantly as the baby gains weight. Ligaments are also stretched, and the pelvic bowl and lower back experience a great deal of pressure as your body’s structural alignment has shifted.

Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

Continued massage therapy throughout the entire pregnancy has proven to have many profound benefits which help an expecting mother relax physically, emotionally, and mentally. These benefits may include: 

Inner Rhythms is committed to providing women with relief from their pain, symptoms, and stress while empowering them with self-care education. Contact us to learn more about our Prenatal Massage services or Book a Session with us today.

Inner Rhythms is also proud to offer Doula services.




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